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December Highlights

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This page was last updated: December 8, 2018

Birds and Wildlife

Suet is available in easy-to-use blocks that attract the woodpeckers, chickadees and titmice.  
Use weight-sensitive metal feeders. 


 After they freeze back, you can cut lantana, mallow hibiscus, esperanza and other cold sensitive plants to the ground.
Get those spring-flowering bulbs in the ground this month.  
Plastic cups sunk in the ground and ½ filled with beer attract and drown slugs and snails. They like Budweiser best.  
It is not too late to plant pansies. 
December is a good time to transplant roses

 Fruits and Nuts

 This is a good month to plant bare root fruit and pecan trees
Wait until January to do any major fruit tree pruning. 
Collect pecans as they fall to the ground.  
Eliminate the mistletoe (a parasite) from your trees after the leaves fall.  
It’s OK to plant trees in December…even bare-root trees.  
Consider a living Christmas tree. Arizona cypress or Italian Stone pines do well. 
December is a good month to prune oak trees. Avoid topping.
Plant fruit trees on 8’ x 8’ raised beds with drip irrigation.  

Turf Grass

St. Augustine that is dry is very susceptible to freeze damage.
​Mulch the fallen leaves with your lawn mower.


 Side-dress your cole crops and onions with a cup of slow-release lawn fertilizer or ammonium sulphate per 10 feet of row.  
If tomatoes are full sized, but not showing any color, pick them and bring them into the house. They’ll ripen on the counter. 

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