Gifts for Gardeners

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Got a special gardening  friend that is hard to buy gifts for?  Your solution may be right here.  Click each product to see it's description and options.

CDs are great for the computer-driven friends.

Calendar/Journals keep giving every day.

52 Weeks of Gardening book gets them started and keeps them on track.

Drip Line Gardening book shows them how to garden the  easy and fun way.

The Great Gardening How-to Book shows how to do the chores in the garden. 

The "Ask Me About..." booklets are great for anyone who is even THINKING about    gardening. 

A subscription to the Gardening in Spades newsletter will be appreciated for a whole year. 

Drip Kits take the worry out of watering the flowers and veggies. 

Yard audits let the homeowners know what's right and what's wrong with their yard and gardens.

This page was last updated: October 3, 2016