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These following classes are two hours long unless otherwise stated.  All of them can be modified for shorter presentations to groups other than classes; i.e., gardening clubs, home-owner associations, etc.
All of these classes are PowerPoint presentations.

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101 The Nitty-gritty of Gardening; i.e., Soils, Fertilizer, and Composting

102 Grow Anything Anywhere in a Pot 

103 Picky, Picky, Picky...There ARE Some Plants Deer Won't Eat 

104 Sleeping in the Fall Garden Veggie Bed???  No!!!

105 Could I Actually Build a Greenhouse?

106 Not That Kind of Drip!  This Kind of Drip (Irrigation)

107 I Want the Same Kind of Grass THEY Have

108 Organic Gardening; Does It Really Make A Difference?

109 What's Wrong with My Freakin' Plant?

110 Exactly What is Plant Propagation?

111 Baby Steps in Landscaping  (What You Can Do BEFORE You Call the Landscaper)

112 Square Foot Gardening PLUS - aka: Drip Line Gardening

113 Haircuts for Your Plants (Pruning)

114 Introduction to Rain Water Harvesting 

115 You Don't Have to be Carpenter to Build a Raised Bed

116 You're in Texas now. Gardening is Different Here

117 Blooms in My Shady Yard???  You're Kidding Me! 

118 Sharpening to a Razor-like Edge 

119 There's Nothing Like the Taste of Home-grown Tomatoes in the Spring 

120 Worm Poo?  Yuck!!!  (Worm Composting -- Vermicomposting) 1-hour class

121 Building a Garden Shelter; a.k.a. Mini-greenhouse

122 Drip Line Gardening - Square Foot Gardening and Beyond

123 Gardening 101

124 Conversion - Converting from Sprinklers to Drip Irrigation

125 Gardening in a Drought

126  Tree Planting and Pruning.

127  Hoop Gardens

128  Keyhole Gardens, Lasagna Gardens, and Elevated Bed Gardens

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